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Online Course “Analysis of ENIRISST Data with Spatial Analysis Methods and Geographic Information Systems.”

The primary objective of this online course is to expand the theoretical and technical skills of learners on issues concerning data analysis from the research infrastructure of ENIRISST using methods and tools of Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Systems. More specific goals are:

• To provide information about the informative material, the data (primary and secondary), and to disseminate the advantages of using the ENIRISST platform in the academic and business world.

• To offer academic-level theoretical and practical knowledge in analysis, evaluation, and processing of ENIRISST data through practical exercises.

The analysis of the ENIRISST data is conducted via the R programming language with the combined use of Classic Statistical methods, Spatial Analysis, and Geographic Information Systems.

The educational material pertains to the data analysis of the ENIRISST research infrastructure. The material consists of 7 theory presentations, 5 laboratory presentations, and 5 scenarios in the R programming language.

Theory Presentations:

1. Introduction
2. Services of ENIRRIST
3. Spatial Data
4. GIS
5. Spatial Analysis
6. Network Analysis
7. Introduction to R

Laboratory Presentations:

1. Introduction to R
2. Spatial Analysis with R
3. R and GIS Basics
4. Example 1
5. Example 2

Scenarios in R

1. Script 0 Installation of R Packages
2. Script 1
3. Script 2
4. Script 3
5. Script 4
6. Script 5

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