The ENIRISST website has been funded by “Intelligent Research infRAstructure DIssemination for promoTing Engagement” (IRRADIATE) which is supported by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (H.F.R.I.) under the “3rd Call for Action “Science and Society” “Research, Innovation and Dissemination Hubs”” (Project Number: 02129).

The project “ENIRISST – Intelligent Research Infrastructure for Shipping, Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics” (MIS 5027930) which is implemented under the Action “Reinforcement of the Research and Innovation Infrastructure”, funded by the Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” (NSRF 2014-2020) and co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).

EN.I.R.I.S.S.T. Partners

University of the Aegean


Established in 1984, the University of the Aegean is a growing and innovative public high education and research institute both in terms of scientific domains an22md network location (5 islands, 6 schools, 17 departments offering, in all, 17 undergraduate and 24 postgraduate (MSc) and equivalent Ph.D. programmes to more than 14.000 students by an academic faculty force of approximately 400 members). The Research Unit is the responsible for administration and accounting services of funded projects. The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT) established on the island of Chios is multi-disciplinary addressing in integration all aspects related to transportation and transport infrastructure. Transport Planning; Safety and Security of Transportation Systems, Transport Policy; Transportation Economics; Transportation System Analysis; Transport demand Modeling; Behavioural models; Strategy and Decisions in transport; Advanced Technologies in Transport; Information Technologies and E-business; Green Logistics; Intermodal Transport; International Trade; Shipping; Shipping & Transport Law; Financing; Investment Assessment; Transport Infrastructure Investment Evaluation; Tendering and Procurement; Innovation in Transport; Transport Project Management are only some of the research topics addressed. Networks and affiliations support academic exchange, enhance scientific excellence and achieve state-of-the-art knowledge of evolution in all fields of interest. STT faculty is involved in the activities of TRANSPORTNET, WCTRS, IAME, OPSTE (Observatoire des Politiques et Stratégies de Transport en Europe), TRB, AET, UACES (the University Association for Contemporary European Studies), ELIR (the European Level Interests Representation Group), PPRN (Port Performance Research Network) the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Hellenic Institute of Transport Engineers, IPMA (the International Project Management Association), PMI (the Project Management Institute), CIB and others. STT members have been involved as leader and partner in many EC funded research. In 2013, the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport was awarded the Lloyds Shipping award.

The participation of the University of the Aegean in the project “Intelligent Research Infrastructure for Shipping, Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics (EN.I.R.I.S.S.T.)” is implemented with the following sections:

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