National Technical Univestity Of Athens

School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

The School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (SNA&ME) is the youngest one in NTUA (1969) and claims today a top per capital research position within the University. Furthermore, being the only academic institution in Greece in its field, it serves all national needs in the naval architecture, marine and ocean engineering fields and can be considered as a National Research Centre. It counts today over 600 students, 35 doctoral candidates and a regular staff of 34, of which 24 are faculty members and, therefore, is currently one of the largest and most active in Europe. Following Greece’s rich maritime tradition, the Laboratory for Maritime Transport (LMT) of the SNA&ME is active in practically all areas of maritime transport R&D, having completed or being involved in projects in areas such as technology, management, economics, logistics, telematics, human aspects, environment, and safety. NTUA-LMT has received a Lloyds List Greek Shipping award twice, in 2008 and 2010.

Members of the Research Team

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