The ENIRISST website has been funded by “Intelligent Research infRAstructure DIssemination for promoTing Engagement” (IRRADIATE) which is supported by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (H.F.R.I.) under the “3rd Call for Action “Science and Society” “Research, Innovation and Dissemination Hubs”” (Project Number: 02129).

The project “ENIRISST – Intelligent Research Infrastructure for Shipping, Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics” (MIS 5027930) which is implemented under the Action “Reinforcement of the Research and Innovation Infrastructure”, funded by the Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” (NSRF 2014-2020) and co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).

National Technical Univestity Of Athens

School of Civil Engineering – Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering

The NTUA Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of NTUA was established in 1982 and is a research center of innovation and excellence on transport issues with worldwide recognition. The Mission of the NTUA Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering is to educate scientists engineers and to promote science in the field of transportation planning and engineering with high scientific standards and performance are key objectives in all education and research activities. The Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering is composed by three Laboratories: Pavement Engineering, Railways and Transport & Traffic Engineering, in which advanced research is carried out, exploiting their highly equipped facilities in the NTUA Campus in Athens. The scientific work of NTUA Scientists is highly recognized by the Greek and the Global transportation engineering scientific community, through numerous scientific publications widely cited worldwide, their contribution in numerous national and international Research Projects, scientific Committees and Working Groups and several scientific achievements and awards. Faculty Members are representing Greece in several International Organisations and are often serving the Greek Government as of Ministers, Secretary Generals, Heads of major Public Authorities and Members their Boards of Directors.

Members of the Research Team

Athanasios Ballis, Professor in the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering of National Technical University of Athens where he teaches the courses of Combined Transport, Transportation Planning and Railway Engineering and is Head of the Laboratory of Railways and Transport. He has a significant experience in the field of railways, maritime and airport terminals planning.
His experience related to the design and operation aspects of railways and logistics terminals include his participation in various phases of relevant studies for the development and operation of freight villages at Thriasion, Thessaloniki and Igoumenitsa, as well as in the support of TRAINOSE S.A in the pilot implementation of the logistics services iCS in the Athens –Thessaloniki route as well as in the Piraeus-Thessaloniki-C Pardoubice in Czech Republic route. Moreover, he participated in the updating of the feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis of the Athens – Patras Railway Connection. He has participated in numerous European research projects in the field of railway freight transport among which are the following: F-MAN (wagon management), CREAM (Customer-driven rail-freight services), EDIP (European distributed power control (for freight trains), Spider Plus (Logistics & mobility for Urban Spatial design evolution), GIFT (Green Intermodal Freight Transport). He is a Member of the National Council for the Development and Competitiveness of the Supply Chain, of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and the Ministry of Economy and Development.
Concerning maritime terminal design, he has been deeply investigated the issues of containerport terminal design in relevant European research projects concerning handling equipment in maritime and rail terminals (SIMET, ITIP, IMPULSE). As well as in the EURO-MED of MEDA programs for Intermodal / Multimodal transport in Mediterranean countries. His recent activities in this field include his participation as Maritime Transport Expert in REBIS (South EAST Europe: Updating the Regional Balkans Infrastructure for the countries of Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Croatia as well as the technical support “Technical Assistance: Gap Analysis on Regional Connectivity Infrastructure Projects” for Western Balkan countries.
In the field of airport design he was a Member (National Representative) of the international NATO’s Ad Hoc Working Group on Protective Construction Measures, he was the Main Researcher in the research project “Investigation of air transport demand in the island of Crete- Master Plan for the Heraklion Airport “N. Kazantzakis”, and Consultant of the Municipality of Kasteli for the investigation of alternative site selection areas for the development of a new airport in the region. Moreover he was the Μanager Deputy for the project “Air Transport Demand and Master Plans for the Alexandroupolis and Kavala Airports” and the Project Manager for the project “Investigation of alternative site selection areas for the development of a new airport in the island of Samothraki”. Recently he participated in the “National transport Master Plan for the Republic of Turkey and the “National Transport Plan for Greece” as a consultant engineer for airport infrastructure issues.
He has a vast experience in the development of information systems in transportation through his participation in the European research projects ETIS (European Transport Information System) and ETIS-AGENT (development of the technical part of ETIS platform) as Scientific Responsible or/and Main Researcher of National Technical University research team.

Elias Koukoutsis, Assistant Professor, Division of Communication, Electronic & Information Engineering (School of Electrical and Comp. Engineering) for issues of GIS, automatic data collection and modelling activities
His interests include Database design and implementation, Broadband Networks, Multimedia, Signal and Image Processing, as well as Biomedical Engineering. He has participated in various research projects in the ACTS Programme, working on the provision of advanced multimedia services via broadband networks, and in the Transport Programme (4th Framework), where he participated in the INFOSTAT project (working on the basic principles and definitions of a European Transport policy Information System), the MYSTIC project (working on the creation of origin-destination matrices for passengers and freight at a European level), the CONCERTO project (for the concentration and consolidation of the work on ETIS in the 4th Framework Projects, being a member of the Scientific Secretariat of the Concertation Actions Committee) and the MESUDEMO project (for producing an overall and internal architecture for ETIS). In the aforementioned Transport projects, he has been responsible for the work on Information Systems for Transport and the ETIS. Dr. Koukoutsis holds four US and international patents on Electrical Engineering. He is a member of IEEE, ACM and the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Tatiana Moschovou is a Civil/Transport Engineer and a Special Laboratory Teaching Staff in the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of National Technical University of Athens. She has experience in European transportation research projects (ETIS-AGENT, ETISplus, CREAM, FMAN, EDIP, ITIP, GIFT, etc) and national research projects carried out by the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering. She has participated in various international scientific conferences and her work is published in scientific journals and conference proceedings.

Evi Sfakianaki is a Civil/Transport Engineer and a Technical and Administrative Staff in the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of National Technical University of Athens. She is Lab Assistant of Railways and Transport Laboratory of School of Civil Engineering NTUA. She has participated in European and National research projects (CREAM, FMAN, EDIP, ITIP, GIFT, Master plan of Heraklion Airport, Intermodal transport in the Athens-Thessaloniki corridor etc.)

George Kasselouris received his Diploma in Civil Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), in 2016, and he is pursuing his Doctoral Thesis at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering in the School of Civil Engineering of NTUA. His main research interests are focused on issues of analysis of freight transport networks, optimization and logistics with emphasis on transport of agricultural products and farm supplies. Skilled in using GIS software (ArcGIS – ESRI), Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and programming (Python 3). He received the 1st Prize in the Annual Panhellenic Competition of the Hellenic Chambers Transport Association (HCTA) “Dimitrios Tsamboulas 2019, on the subject of: “Prospect of developing combined intermodal national and international freight transport in Greece – Obstacles, challenges, suggestions”.

Babis Babalis received his diploma degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Crete and he is a PhD student in School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in National Technical University of Athens. He worked as an R&D software engineer in NOKIA (2015-2020), as a researcher in the European research cooperation project WSN-DPCM. He has also participated in the GIFT research project. His research interests are in the areas of AI/ML, data mining including centralized/distributed data streams, large-scale application of Wireless Sensor Networks (IoT), and big geospatial data.

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