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School of Rural and Surveying Engineering


The School of Rural and Surveying Engineering (SR&SE), Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) was founded in 1962 and it is the third oldest School of the Faculty of Engineering, after Civil Engineering and Architecture. The School started its operation in the academic year 1962-63 and in its first years the School was supported by two Chairs only, the “Chair of Geodetic Astronomy” and the “Chair of Photogrammetry”, while most of the geodetic-surveying courses were offered by the Chair of Geodesy (meaning Surveying) of the School of Civil Engineering. Additional Chairs were founded in 1974 (Chair of Surveying), 1976 (Chair of Cadastre and Land Consolidation, Chair of Agricultural Hydraulics), 1977 (Chair of Higher Geodesy and Surveying) and 1981 (Chair of Geodetic Statistical Methods).

The Chairs have been abolished when the New University Act of 1982 took effect and the School took its present organizational form with three Departments (Department of Geodesy & Surveying, Department of Cadastre, Photogrammetry and Cartography, Department of Transportation and Hydraulic Engineering).

The participation of the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering in the project “Intelligent Research Infrastructure for Shipping, Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics (EN.I.R.I.S.S.T.)” is implemented through the Laboratory of Transport Planning, Traffic and Highway Engineering.

The Laboratory of Transport Planning, Traffic and Highway Engineering has been recently established. It is located in the Department of Transportation and Hydraulic Engineering, Faculty of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki campus. The Laboratory is properly staffed and equipped in order to perform all the necessary activities required in the framework of the project and also activities covering a wide range of different topics. The staff of the Laboratory is well experienced in performing questionnaire based surveys as well as other in situ surveys. Furthermore, the Laboratory is equipped with sufficient number of workstations providing the ability to the researchers to perform efficiently their tasks as well as different kind of field surveys. Finally, the Laboratory is properly equipped in order to support on line surveys addressed to all kind of road infrastructure and transport means users, if necessary, as well as with special software for mode choice modelling and traffic assignment.

Members of the Research Team

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