EN.I.R.I.S.S.T. Platforms

Decision Support Tool for Shipping and Financial Markets

The main objective of the “Business and HR Decision Support Tool in Shipping”, developed in the framework of the ENIRISST project, is to support users in investment scenarios and thus the financing decisions of the stakeholders. The service supports policy scenarios in terms of financing decision for shipping companies and lending banks, investors, academics, market professionals and decision makers in the sector.

Overall, the main objective of the tool is to support users to reach to a decision on a potential investment by any stakeholder in shipping activities.

Fundamental to the development of the Business Decision Making Tool is the identification of the needs and requirements of potential users. These needs control the process of searching and processing the necessary data to make a decision. For the development and proper functioning of this platform, a set of data is required, which is fed into the calculations for the estimation of key financial indicators for shipping.

This service was developed by the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens in cooperation with a Software developer company.

The tool includes a user interface in the form of a data completion guide. After analysing various input data, the system calculates and presents in the form of tables and graphs the economic variables necessary for decision making.

The system includes the implementation of a mainly back-end system for processing all the data and a front-end system for displaying the result to the user. It is an application designed to serve financial and management decision-makers, who wish to have immediate and quick analysis and calculation of important variables and data. The application receives data input from the user and leads them to the appropriate calculation algorithms.

After some calculations and communication with the database, and also after processing the data, it ends up generating a suitable graph for the direct visualization and analysis of the financial situation, in order to proceed with the decision making process based on the optimal relationship between financial risk and profit maximization.

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