Policy Access

EN.I.R.I.S.S.T. will enable the development of research in the maritime, supply chain and transport sectors and the continuous updating of stakeholders in these areas. The action will be supported by carefully designed cooperation policies and relevant conventions, for credible and effective cooperation. A data management plan will be implemented to help researchers, funders and data repositories derive maximum value from the research data. The electronic data infrastructure will provide a scalable architecture for data management and long-term retention of information for reproduction and reuse. Data management tools and services will be used to plan the data life cycle, identify open data sources and data collected with sensitive or restricted access. The electronic infrastructure will have an open architecture to connect the data management services available over a wide network. Data management approaches will also be followed to meet the needs of research communities and other stakeholders.
In this context, we want to be part of the European Open Science Cloud – especially for the data in our scientific fields (Shipping, Supply Chain and Transport in Greece).