June 26th, 2023
Final conference of the National Research Infrastructure EN.I.R.I.S.S.T. in Chios island, June 26, 2023

The team of the National Research Infrastructure Enirisst and Enirisst Plus had the pleasure of organizing the ENIRISST and ENIRISST Plus Research Infrastructure Conference. The event took place at the ‘Grecian Castle Hotel’ in Chios on 26/06/2023. The conference invited and was attended by Mr. Chandra R Bhat from the “University of Texas at Austin”, as well as Mr. Konstadinos (Kostas) Goulias from the “University of California, Santa Barbara”.

Ms. Polydoropoulou provided information about the services of ENIRISST and ENIRISST Plus, dissemination activities of the results of ENIRISST and ENIRISST Plus, as well as their internationalization and connection with other research infrastructures and projects.

The roundtable discussion held at the end of the event was of particular interest, where the services of ENIRISST and practices that could contribute to improving the infrastructure’s operation were discussed. On behalf of the National Research Infrastructure, Ms. Amalia Polydoropoulou and Mr. Dimitrios Dimitriou participated in the roundtable and engaged in an open dialogue with Mr. Chandra R Bhat and Mr. Konstadinos (Kostas) Goulias.

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